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Title: Ultrasonic Flow Measurements By Multipath Measuring Spoolpieces: Quadrature Integration And Tomographic Reconstruction
Author: m. N. Rychagov And S. A. Tereshchenko
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Determination of the characteristics of liquids or gases being transported through the channels of various cross-sections, in particular circular, actually represents a theoretical, computing and engineering problem which has also considerable practical interest 1, 2. One of the most important characteristics of such flows is volumetric flowrate of a liquid or gas flowing through a cross-section of the transporting channel per unit time. The attempts of investigators and companies producing measuring equipment are aimed at the economical reduction of measuring uncertainty which is caused first of all by the spatial inhomogeneity of the flows under measurement. One of the most promising approaches to the solution of this problem is carrying out so-called multipath measurements. For estimating the characteristics of the flow, a measuring data set is used which is collected in a number of parallel measuring planes. Along with the inherent advantage in accuracy as a consequence of the increase in measured data, the multipath approach has demonstrated robustness even in non-ideal flow situations. Moreover, the multipath measurements allow one to set and to solve the problem of the reconstruction of the axisymmetric distribution of the axial flow velocity component in a cross-section of the pipeline by using Abels transform. Further development of multipath approach is related with the development of the algorithms and devices for an implicit reconstruction of an arbitrary two-dimensional distribution of the axial component of the flow in a cross-section using Radons transform. This paper gives a systematic description of the approach based on multipath measurements beginning with high-precision estimation of a single characteristic of the flow, i.e., its flowrate, to the reconstruction of axisymmetric flows and further, to full tomographic reconstruction of arbitrary flows.

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