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Title: The Use Of Llicroelectronic Test Structures To Characterize Ic Materials, Processes, And Processing Equipment*
Author: L. W. Linholm, G. P. Carver, T. J. Russell
Source: 1979 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1979
Abstract: With the increasing complexity of large scale integrated circuits, it is becoming more difficult to fully characterize circuit performance. Nicroelectronic test structures offer an important source of reliable data for circuit characterization. When properly designed, test structures can be used to evaluate material, process, process equipment, and device parameters to provide the necessary information for circuit characterization. The National Bureau of Standards is conducting a program to develop well-designed test structures and methods to test these structures. The t&t structures are nodular and can be tested with computer-controlled data acquisition systems they can be used to obtain unambiguous information on the parameter the structure is intended to measure. Data from these test structures can be applied to circuit characterization, process control. technology assessment, and yield analysis. Examples of the test structures in some of these applications are presented.

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