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Author: Pat Convery, Yash Sanghai, and Anthony Sweeney
Source: 2019 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2019
Abstract: SAFETY MOMENT Appropriate PPE depends on the job you are doing, and where you are doing it. In an LNG plant for example, FR clothing, face shields, aprons and high cuff gloves are standard issue, while your colleagues who work in distribution may have more standard (Level D) PPE When in doubt about the appropriate PPE, ask the safety person, plant manager, consult the JSA, or ask at the morning tailgate. If none of these things exist, take a step back and re-assess. LNG-A QUICK REVIEW Liqueed Natural Gas (LNG) is regular pipeline gas that has been cleaned up and cooled until it turns into a liquid. This happens at about -260 degrees F. LNG is often stored in the market areas, usually near the LDC system center, to provide peak shaving in the winter. The other primary use of LNG is to enable shipping of the gas overseas to countries where pipeline gas is not available (Japan) or not plentiful enough (Spain, France, UK, and until recently, USA)

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