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Title: Non-Intrusive, Real Time Measurement Of Btu Content By Ir ABSORPTION/CORRELATION
Author: Bernard Caputo, Dr. Chris Brown
Source: 1990 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1990
Abstract: Economic realities within a rapidly changing Gas Industry has placed greater emphasis on the need for new and more accurate energy metering technology and instrumentation. GRI studies have estimated that a measurement bias as small as 0.1% could result in as much as 50x109 cubic ft/year of unaccounted for gas. A true energy meter requires not only measurement of flow past a given point but also BTU content. Devices to directly measure BTU content at typical pipeline pressure and flow rates do not exist. The best hope for overall improved metering accuracy lies in the development of technologies capable of direct and continuous energy flow measurement. The Absorption/Correlation (A/C) technique utilizes infrared radiation from a non intrusive source to spectroscopically measure selected molecular bond absorptions in the gas flow which are then correlated directly to BTU content by means of a processing algorithm and IR spectra matrix library specially developed in the laboratory from high precision laboratory gas samples. The A/C technique when fully developed, greatly accelerates and simplifies BTU determination and facilitates real time, continuous on line measurement through the design of a rugged pipeline installable sensor ring.

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