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Author(s): [Not Available]
Source: 2019 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2019
Abstract: COMPANY OVERVIEW OLEUMTECH Credentials Founded in 2000 with the mission of enabling the wireless digital oileld. With over 350,000 nodes and 35,000 networks, OleumTech is the leading provider in the space. OleumTechs products have radically transformed how companies gather data in the eld. Made in the USA, in-house R&D and manufacturing. Patented wireless technologies ISO-9001 Certied. Worldwide presence. Self-Contained, Battery Powered C1 D1 Transmitters. Sensor-to-Gateway Connectivity for IoT. Field-Proven in some the harshest environments. Scalable Architecture. Solutions for every possible measurement variable. (Pressure, Flow, Temperature, Level, Alarms, etc.)

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