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Title: Correcting A Coriolis Meter For Two Phase Oil & Gas Flow
Author: Chris Mills
Source: 2015 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: In the oil & gas industry, the requirement for flow measurement of two phase oil and gas flow is prevalent. This stems from the fact that the output characteristics of production wells can alter significantly over ti me and the level of entrained gas within an oil flow can vary. It is also common for flowmeters to be installed do wnstream of a two or three phase separator. If the well conditions change or t he separator has been incorrectly sized, then it is possible that the oil liquid outlet may have some gas carry under. The effects of gas entrainment on the output of ultrasonic and Coriolis meters has been reported previously 1 2 . It is already known that gas entrained in flowing liquids has the potential to l ead to a substantial mis- measurement of the flow

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