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Title: Hazardous Area Classification
Author: Alex Hicks
Source: 2017 Western Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2017
Abstract: Hazardous (classified) a rea s are defined and categorized by the N ational F ire P rotection A ssociation (NFPA) 70, t he National Electric Code (NEC). In particular, Articles 500, 501, 504, and 505 cover hazardous areas that are created by common gas utility processes. Although the NEC provides a general definition of h azardous a rea s and the installation requirements of electrical equipment loc ated within them , it does not classify specific n atural g as and p etroleum industry processes that can create a h azardous a rea , nor the extent of the h azardous a rea s created by such processes . Instead NFPA technical committees and the American Petroleum Institute (API), among other industry - recognized organizations, determine the specifics of hazardous areas created by gas and petroleum industry processes.

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