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Title: Installation Effects Testing Of Coriolis Flow Meters With Natural Gas
Author: Terrence A. Grimley
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: The recent publication of the American Gas Association (AGA) Engineering Technical Note titled Coriolis Flow Measurement for Natural Gas Applications demonstrates the increased interest of the gas industry in the application of Coriolis meters. This paper presents the results of recent Coriolis flow meter testing with natural gas. Commercially available meters with 2- to 4-inch nominal diameters were tested in baseline configurations over a pressure range from 200 to 1000 psi. The meters represent a sample of the product line from three manufacturers (Endress+Hauser, FMC, and Micro Motion). Two-inch meters from each manufacturer were also tested with piping configurations having an upstream flow disturbance. Single and double elbow combinations (in plane, and out of plane) placed upstream of the test meter, as well as a configuration with a concentric reducer upstream, were used to create the flow disturbances. Meters were installed based on the manufacturers specification, which in some cases required no piping between the disturbance element and the meter. The work was sponsored by the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and was performed at the GTI Metering Research Facility (MRF) at Southwest Research Institute.

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