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Title: Tie Backs And Partner Allocation A Model Based System For Meter Verification And Monitoring
Author: Kjartan Bryne Berg,
Source: 2015 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: This paper is addressing t he operation and management of flow instrumentation in complex subsea and topside infrastructure s . Special attention is given to situations where measurement inaccuracies may i nfluence the allocation process over time and cause significant imbalance in the monetary flow, and eventually lead to legal disputes between partners over the allocated volumes . This paper will offer a description of how a model based system can be used t o overcome the challenges of describing measurement accuracy, need for reallocation, when/what to re - calibrate as well as a total overview of the flow instrumentation status - utilizing information from every instrument and device from subsea and downhole thr ough multip hase meters, separators all the way through the custody transfer metering system

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