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Title: The Latest Development On Research Of Ultrasonic Gas Meter In China
Author: Yuan Pingfan, He Min, And Duan Jiqin
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Ultrasonic gas meter has gained extensive interest in China because of its measurement performances of high accuracy, wide turn-down ratio, as well as free pressure loss, etc. Through testing, the three subjects of research, promotion, and standardization have been formed, and they have achieved new development. In China, at Chengdu Verification Branch (CVB) for Natural Gas Flow rate of National Crude Oil Large Flow rate Measurement Station, tests on 21 ultrasonic gas meters of different types which produced by different manufacturers in different countries have been conducted against the Secondary Standard Facility, the Venturi Nozzle Bank at different pressures, and different locations. The results indicates: (1) for the same meter, the result from comparing with the secondary standard facility in CVB is consistent with the result from comparing with other authoritative measurement facilities in foreign countries (2) Since the deviations of test results are around 0.1%, so the effect of pressure on meter might be ignored (3) Because it shows about 0.5% differences between the result of meter locating at 170D downstream of a out-of plane elbow and the that of meter locating at 10D upstream, therefore, its suggested that flow meter should be wet calibrated (4) the result of simulating path broke-down indicates that the multi-path ultrasonic flow meter can diagnosis itself, and some extent compensation can be made. Meanwhile, with consulting the AGA No. 9 Report, the national standard for ultrasonic gas flow meter has been approved. At present, promotion of ultrasonic gas meter and the study on using mobile ultrasonic gas meter as transfer standard are ongoing.

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