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Title: Wet Gas Round Table Discussion
Author: G. P. Bunn
Source: 1929 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1929
Abstract: In view of the fact that, in general, the fundamentals upon which the measurement of dry gas is based apply to the measurement of casing head gas, we have felt that attendance in the fundamental sections would supply all of the essential information for casing head gas meter men. There are, however, a great many problems in connection with the measurement of casing head gas which are not experienced in the measurement of dry gas, and we have felt, therefore, that some time should be allotted for an informal discussion of such matter. Such class periods as this will afford benefit only in proportion as general problems are brought up. We believe it valuable to continue periods assigned for the discussion of Problems of Wet Gas Measurement by Orifice Meter and accordingly time will be requested for such discussion in the next forthcoming short course.

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