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Author: Michael Royce Miller
Source: 2019 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2019
Abstract: Pulsation created by compressors, ow control valves, regulators and some piping congurations are known to cause signicant errors in gas measurement. In recent years the Pipeline-and Compressor Research Council (PCRC) now know as (GMRC) Gas Machinery Research Council, a subsidiary of the Southern Gas Association, commissioned and funded various pulsation research projects at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) in San Antonio, Texas. This research culminated in the publication of several technical papers, including the April 1987 PCRC report 10.87-3 titled Pulsation and Transient-induced Errors at Orice Meter Installations and a report, An Assessment of Technology for Correcting Pulsation Induced Orice Flow Measurement dated November 1991.

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