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Title: AGA10 Sound Speed Equations: Background, Thermodynamic Relations, Ideal Gas And Equation Of State Methods, Uncertainty Analysis, And Calculation Flow Diagram For Natural Gas Measurement Applications
Author: Jeffrey L. Savidge
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: This paper reports work that was done in anticipation of producing A.G.A. Report No.10 for the A.G.A. Transmission Measurement Committee, Task Group 13 on Sound Speed. It is built on previous research work by the author. The goal of the paper is to provide a concise description of all of the elements required to compute the sound speed of natural gases. The method presented is consistent with ISO 12213 - Part II, AGA Report No.8, and API MPMS Chapter 14.2. The paper provides background information, basic thermodynamic relations for sound speed, the ideal gas contribution and correlation, and the non-ideal gas contribution provided by the GRI high accuracy equation of state as reported in A.G.A. Report No.8. Standard thermodynamic relations for the sound speed are provided in a form that can be conveniently applied by engineers. Coupling this information to common density search algorithms provides the means to solve the equation of state and the thermodynamic relationships required to compute the sound speed. A computer flow diagram is provided to facilitate implementation of the sound speed calculation method by users. Calculated sound speed values have been compared to measured sound speed values in order to obtain uncertainty estimates in the calculated sound speed values for different natural gas mixtures. A statistical summary of the comparisons is provided. Significant limitations in the sound speed data hamper a comprehensive uncertainty analysis of the accuracy of the sound speed data and the sound speed method. More sound speed data and analysis would provide a firmer basis to establish the uncertainty in calculated sound speed values.

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