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Title: Innovation In Salt Bed Storage Development: Avoca Natural Gas Storage
Author: John A. Rosenkrantz
Source: American Gas Association 1997
Year Published: 1997
Abstract: To compete in todays marketplace, independent storage developers often have to take on the challenges associated with building innovative projects. The sponsors of Avoca Natural Gas Storage are currently constructing the first salt bed gas storage project in the Northeast market area that is not based on the conversion of an existing cavern. Gaining access to the water required to solution mine new storage caverns, and disposing of the resulting brine, raises permitting and geologic issues that do not occur with a more conventional storage project. At the same time, Avoca is subject to the same types of market and regulatory challenges that other projects face. Despite the sponsors efforts to minimize uncertainty prior to the start of construction, the Avoca project demonstrates that mid-course corrections are often required to keep a new project on track.

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