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Author: Tushar Shah
Source: 2019 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2019
Abstract: Today millions of people depend of Natural Gas for cooking food, heating home/office, heating water and much more. As gas moves from well head to the burner tip, there are many points where gas transportation changes hand from supplier to customer (called custody transfer). These custody transfers include various types of companies/ utilities. Such as, from upstream to midstream, from midstream to downstream, from distribution company to end customer etc. The custody transfer of gas requires accurate measurement as currency is involve in billing for natural gas. Natural gas is naturally occurring gaseous substance that is highly compressible, highly expandable hydrocarbon mixture and with a low specic gravity. The understanding of fundamental of gas laws are important in order to understand accurate measurement of natural gas. Also, it helps in understating the behavior of natural gas under different conditions. Also, it helps in designing and operating natural gas system.

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