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Title: Meter Selection From 40 Years Of Service Point Of View
Author: Laura Schafer
Source: 2014 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2014
Abstract: As the design basis of FPSO has changed from 7 - 10 years to 20 - 40 years, meter selection has been impacted in the following ways: 1. Weight and space considerations are even more cr itical because FPSO weight will only continue to increase over the years due to modifica tions and additions to the existing modules to accommodate changes in safety requiremen ts and production characteristics. Elimination of meter straight run requirements coup led with installation flexibility will reduce weight and space in the initial design to al low flexibility for future expansion. 2. Selection of the right flow meter technology can be extremely challenging due to changing turn down ratio requirements over the life of the FPSO. As a reservoir depletes and production decreases, flow rates can trend out of installed meter performance specification ranges thereby compromising accuracy. Alternately, an FPSO may be deployed to a new asset that may produce significan tly more or less than the asset for which it was initially designed. A measurement str ategy is required to ensure meter performance and flexibility for the entire 40 year life of the FPSO.

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