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Title: The Paradox Of Parochial Calibration
Author: D.R. Don Tobey
Source: 1979 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1979
Abstract: With the advent of sophisticated and complex peculiar Ground Support Equipment (GSE), recent recommendations to the calibration related problems of spiraling cost, proliferation, and divergent support philosophies, have become the subject of voluminous literature. Solutions have ranged from the determination of reliability models and statistically derived calibration recall intervals, to realignment of the overall management and quality control costructs. While some of these suggestions may provide remedial solutions, this paper presents the paradox of redesigning management controls by suggesting that management of metrology concepts be incorporated into the GSE design system itself. To modify a old cliche, the metrology engineer must influence the design of GSE to prevent the traceability problems associated with parochial calibration: TO a large degree, the need for a cure will go away.

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