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Author: Andrew Glascock
Source: 2019 Appalachian Gas Measurement Short Course
Year Published: 2019
Abstract: DEHYDRATION? The term dehydration means to remove water from a substance. Water vapor is removed from natural gas through the glycol-absorption process. The glycol absorbs the water from the gas, and then the water is distilled from the glycol and driven off into the air. Why Dehydrate? If water vapor is allowed to remain in the natural gas it will reduce the efficiency of a pipeline. The water will cause corrosion and reduced capacity of the pipeline. Water and other corrosive agents will in time eat holes in the pipe or vessels through which the gas ows. The water vapor mixed with Hydrocarbons will form hydrates or ice blocks in pipes, Valves and Vessels Hydrates will form at fairly high temperatures when gas is under pressure. Hydrates can form @50 to 70 deg F in 1000 psi lines.

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