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Title: The Use Of An Ultrasonic Transfer Reference Meter To Investigate Differences Of Two Gas Meters In Series In Fiscal Natural Gas Measurement.
Author: Volker Herrmann, Peter Stoll
Source: 2005 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2005
Abstract: Custody transfer meter station design often requires the use of two gas flow meters: The duty meter, and the reference meter. Both meters have to meet custody transfer requirements and therefore have a low measurement uncertainty. These type of installations ensure availability, redundancy and the on-line verification of the measurement. The standard installation procedure for such meter stations includes a high-pressure calibration for both meters that normally should provide a zero difference between the readings. Even at proper station design in a few cases unacceptable deviations can be found directly after field installation of the meter. If there is not a simple reason, often the only appropriate measure is nowadays to check the high pressure calibration of the meters in an official laboratory. Even this extremely expensive and time consuming measure does not always guarantee success since possible installation effects will not be detected this way. Another possibility is to define a transfer reference meter package, using one or two different state-of-the-art gas flow meters. A transfer reference meter is considered to be a calibrated meter with the highest achievable insensitivity to installation effects and long term stability.

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