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Title: Gaseous Emission Measurements On Utility Boiler Systems
Author: G.H. Shiomoto, R.R. Pease
Source: 1979 Measurement Science Conference
Year Published: 1979
Abstract: Emission measurements of all stationary sources has become important in attempting to reduce a growing pollution problem. Utility boilers, one of the largest emission sources, were among the first to be evaluated for emissions and regulated. Regulations have been imposed on the two basic emission groups, particulates and gaseous pollutant species. This paper deals with the measurement of the gaseous species in the boiler flue gases. An extractive, multi-point sampling system, typically used with a mobile emissions monitor, is described. The gaseous species measured include oxygen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and oxides of sulfur. In addition to emission measurement for inventory or emission reduction tests, these gaseous measurements are useful for improving- boiler efficiency. Continuous ammonia measurement, which may become an important factor in the future, is also described.

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