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Title: Calculation Of The Uncertainty In The CO2 Emissions Factor In Flare Lines With Nitrogen I Njection
Author: Jeff Gibson Richard Paton Pal Jagh
Source: 2010 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: reduce CO2 emissions from process and production facilities. Talisman Energy in Norway (Talisman Energy Norge AS) are reducing the amount of gas flared on their Gyda and Varg facilities using various process improvements. In order to do this a proportion of the fuel gas, used to keep the flare line pressurised and the flame burning during low-flaring conditions, is being replaced with injected nitrogen. This has the effect of reducing the CO2 emissions. Talisman have installed ultrasonic flare gas meters as the primary flow measurement devices in the flare lines on their Gyda platform. The output of molecular weight from the ultrasonic flare gas meters is being used to determine the composition and, hence, the CO2 emission factor. Accounting for the gas flared, and therefore the CO2 produced, requires measurement and calculation methods which account for the proportion of injected nitrogen. A similar system is proposed for the Varg FPSO

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