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Title: The Ec Nozzle Transfer Package: Calibration Of A Flow Standard For High-Pressure Gas
Author: Dr.Ir. Jos G.M. Van Der Grinten, Dr. Pieter M.A. Van Der Kam
Source: 1990 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 1990
Abstract: In order to provide a method by which test installations for high pressure gas meters within the EC can be assessed and checked, the Community Bureau of Reference (BCR) funded the construction of a transfer standard flow metering package. This nozzle transfer package (NTP) is a construction of six sonic nozzles. They are arranged such that the gas can flow through any one of the nozzles or through any combination of them. Calibration of the NTP was performed by four laboratories for single nozzles, nozzle pairs, nozzle triplets, and all six nozzles. The calibration results were intercompared and analysed by means of a least squares technique. The major conclusions which arise from this study, is that the NTP is well suited to serve as a transfer standard for highpressure test facilities. The coefficients of the calibration curves of the NTP differ significantly from the values based on the ISO draft international standard (1). Compared to this standard the uncertainty of the predictions has improved.

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