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Title: Pigsar- The Extended Test Facility And New German National Primary Standard For High Pressure Natural Gas
Author: Bodo Mickan, Rainer Kramer, Hans- Jrgen Hotze, Dietrich Dopheide, Ruhrgas Ag
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: PIGSAR? is the National Primary Standard of Germany for high pressure natural gas and is operated by Ruhrgas AG, Germany. Under supervision of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt PTB1, PIGSAR? is responsible for maintaining and disseminating the unit of volume for natural gas under high pressure conditions since 12th May 1999. With respect to the contract of PTB and NMi VSL2 (The Netherlands) signed 2nd June 1999 1, the new Dutch-German harmonised reference gas cubic meter were established and has been disseminated since November 1999. The paper describes the extended test facility PIGSAR? and its measuring capabilities. The operation range of the test facility allows to calibrate gas meters in a pressure range of 16 to 50 bar and at flow rates under actual working conditions of 8 to 6500 m3/h in the whole pressure range. With this capabilities PIGSAR? is quite unique in Europe. If compared with other high pressure gas facilities world-wide, PIGSAR offers most appropriate calibration capabilities for industrial use. This will be documented here by a comparison with operation ranges of other test facilities.

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