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Title: Practical Experiences With Low Pressure Drop Flow Conditioners
Author: G.H. Sloet, K. Van Bioemendaal, G. J. De Nobel
Source: American Gas Association 1997
Year Published: 1997
Abstract: In recent years a number of flow conditioners with a relative low pressure drop have been developed, hi 1995 and 1996 the behaviour of several of these new flow conditioners has been investigated at Gasunie Research, hi the first stage of the project a flow disturber was used which could create swirl and asymmetric flow profiles. The ability of the flow conditioners to remove these static disturbances and the eflect on the turbine meter performance was investigated. In the second stage of the project pressure regulators were used lo create the dynamic disturbances that can be found in practice, A large number of experiments were performed to test combinations of pressure regulators, flow conditioners and turbine meters. To simulate the field situation as close as possible a realistic gas station setup was built in the laboratory complete with heat exchanger, safety valves, bends and straight pipe sections. In the experiments the pressure drop and meter error were determined and in a number of configurations flow profiles were measured.

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