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Title: Wet Gas Measurement In The Southern North Sea
Author: David S. Geach, Andrew W. Jamieson
Source: 2005 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2005
Abstract: ConocoPhillips has some 18 wet gas Venturi meters currently in use in the UK sector of the North Sea. The paper covers:- The experience gained in operating these meters: The importance of gas flow calibration. Flow calibration of these meters clearly shows that the discharge coefficient value given in ISO 5167 is clearly not applicable and the discharge coefficient can vary by 2%. The effect damage has had on the discharge coefficient of one meter arising from a broken choke impinging on the meter convergent section. Calibration repeatability over time The methods used to correct the over-reading (namely Murdock, Chisholm and de-Leeuw). Flow verification tests carried out on two meters installed in the Southern North Sea. First, a sub sea meter located some 34km from the host platform. This not only demonstrated applicability of using a correct wet gas correlation but also gave valuable information on how gas, condensate and water flow along a pipeline Second, a topside meter installed on an unmanned satellite, where verification was conducted over about a year. This showed very good agreement between the Venturi meter readings and high quality separator gas and condensate meters it was tested against.

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