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Title: Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter - Evaluations On Co 2 Rich Natural Gas
Author: Joerg Wenzel Ekkehard Riedel, Sebastian Stoof, Dr. Volker Herrmann,
Source: 2015 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: n the last 15 years, ultrasonic gas flow meters (U SM) have become state-of-the-art technology for fiscal gas metering. Today, ultrason ic meters are moving beyond the realms of fiscal metering and into upstream applica tions like allocation metering, along with less conventional applications like biogas, po wer-to-gas operations and carbon capture and storage (CCS), as well as the measureme nt of natural gas from marginal gas fields with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) rich natural gas. For most of these applications, ultrasonic gas flow measurement technology is the ideal solution since they typically require large turn-do wn ratios with minimal pressure drop and little to no maintenance effort and thus can ta ke advantage of the major benefits of this technology

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