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Title: Field Comparison Of A Mechanical And Electronic Custody Measurement Loop For Hydrocarbon Liquids
Author: Mohammed Salim Ibrahim m. Al-Qahtani Yousef A. Al-Jarallah Waleed A. Al-Shaya Ali A. Haddad
Source: 2010 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2010
Abstract: Metering systems typically use turbine meter(s) and a prover as the primary source of measurement. Both the turbine meter and the prover are mechanical devices - mechanical loop. The performance of a turbine meter changes under various operating conditions and requires regular calibration using a prover for maintaining the accuracy. Mechanical loops are also prone to frequent failures during their life cycle. If the mechanical loop can be redesigned using the ultrasonic meters in a meter/prover combination (master metering) significant improvement can be realized in the operation and maintenance of these critical systems. The main concern is if the electronic loop can provide the same or better level of measurement accuracy while retaining the same repeatability, reproducibility, etc., of the presently accepted mechanical loop

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