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Title: Advances In Multiphase/Wetgas Meter Technologies Wh Ich Aid The User In The Real World
Author: Gordon Stobie Arnstein Wee Richard Streeton
Source: 2015 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: Multiphase and wet gas meters have been used succes sfully for more than 20 years. Whilst there have been a number of technologies use d by a variety of manufacturers, they have nearly all required regular fluid (oil, g as and water) samples with which to define the fluid end points to provide good measure ment. The need for fluid samples has placed a load on the Operators in terms of both cos t and safety. In some deep-water subsea and remote - and some not so remote - topsid e operations, regular fluid sampling has not been possible and this has had a d etrimental effect on the meter performance. This paper outlines some techniques t hat largely overcome these fluid sampling requirements and still provide fluid end p oint data commensurate with the technologies utilised in the meter.

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