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Title: Improved Flow Measurement By Application Of Signal Analysis Tools, Now Available
Author: M.C.A.M. Peters, F.M. Braal, F.J.P. Verhelst
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Flow measurement devices are impacted by flow disturbances such as piping vibrations, flow pulsations, cavitating flow, swirl and other velocity profile distortions. These effects can significantly reduce the accuracy of flow measurement or the flow signal can even be lost for some types of flow devices. Examples are ultrasonic flow meters in a noisy environment, e.g. caused by leaking valves, or vortex flow meters in a pulsating flow or a vibrating environment. In earlier research projects it has been shown 1,2,3, that flow disturbances can have a measurable effect on the sensor signal and that application of signal analysis may help to detect and correct for these disturbances. In particular in vortex flow meters, ultrasonic, electromagnetic and Coriolis meters the application of signal analysis improves the performance of the meter The main aim of applying signal analysis tools in flow meters is to improve the accuracy of the flow meter under non-ideal flow conditions 4. However, a second application is the identification of the cause of the flow distortion, such as pumps or compressors, valves or related process instrumentation or unwanted installation conditions. This may lead to applications where the flow meter assists in monitoring the condition of process equipment and installations, without loss of performance.

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