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Title: In - Situ Effects On Ultrasonic G As Flowmeters
Author: Philip Chan, yvind Storli, Sveinung Myhr, Reidar Sakariassen, Atle Abrahamsen, Kjell - Eivind Frysa, Camilla Stre
Source: 2015 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: This paper describe s the course of events which led to the discovery of a significant mis - measurement on Gja platforms gas export from the operators point of view. The mis - measurement has persisted since Gjas start - up , almost five years ago . The paper close s with l essons learnt from a two year long investigation and tries to clear up some common misconceptions on ultrasonic gas flowmetering . The gas export on Gja is a cross - border measurement between Norway and UK. There has therefore been a large emphasis on the accuracy, calibration and diagnostic capabilities of Gjas gas export since the beginning, for operators and regulators from both countries alike. The design of the gas export system comprise of two 12 ultrasonic meter runs with 100% capacity to facilitate removal of flowmeters for calibrations without stop of production . The diagnostic capabilities o f the export USM are fully utilised by logging of hourly and daily diagnostic data

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