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Title: Intra-Comparison Of A Water Flow Calibration System Using The New NEL Twin-Orifice Transfer Assembly
Author: Dr. Lung-Hen Chow
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: The laboratory shall have quality control procedures for monitoring the validity of tests and calibrations undertaken as to ISO/IEC 17025:2000. Participation in interlaboratory comparison or proficiency-testing programs is a part of the aforementioned monitoring, which shall be planned and reviewed to assure the quality of test and calibration results. In Feb./Mar. 2001 our water flow calibration facility representing the national water flow measurement standard (Center for Measurement Standards/ITRI) in Taiwan finished another intercomparison between water facilities using the new NEL 200 mm transfer standard with Perforated plate flow conditioner. This intercomparison was approved by Euromet as the international comparison project 574, which was initiated by NEL/UK, proposed calibrations starting from KRISS/Korea in Sept. 2000, then ITRI, SIPAI/China, NEL, IPT/Brazil, finally back to NEL in Sept./Oct. 2001. Later at the CIPM/BIPM KC activities arrangement meeting of fluid flow measurement sector (Istanbul, April 2001), CENAM/Mexico was announced to join this round of comparison testing as an additional participating laboratory. The flow range of our water system in service using gravimetric method covers from (12 to 480) m3/h with pipe size of (50 to 250) mm and we have been keeping recalibration of retained reference flowmeters in long/short-term periods as the Chapter 5.9 of ISO 17025 address.

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