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Title: Field Performance Of Dual Energy Spectral Gamma Ray / Venturi Multiphase Flowmeters
Author: Bertrand Theuveny, Dr. Bruno Pinguet, Dennis Pittman, Gerard Segeral, And Birger Velle Hanssen
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Dual energy spectral gamma ray - venturi multiphase flow meters have evolved significantly over the last five years. Improvements have been achieved in the meters reliability and metrological performance. The experience gathered during the deployment of the spectral gamma ray detectors has enabled recent engineering developments to achieve superior stability and resolution. We have quantified the need for metrological performance in permanent installations, and present the consequences of the lack of long-term stability and resolution of various nuclear detectors. The effect of these factors is also illustrated on the flowrate computations. A specific nuclear detector has been developed for the multiphase flowmetering applications and its stability and resolution performance is illustrated. The forty-year experience in design and manufacturing of downhole and spatial nuclear detectors has enabled a rapid development of this new technology. The metrological performance of the dual energy gamma - venturi meters are not merely demonstrated through various flow loop results and field qualification tests, but the summary of the field performance in a mobile well testing application is also shown. Installation recommendations are made and specific commissioning procedures are summarized. The experience gathered during the testing of a large variety of wells and fluids (from dead oil to gas wells) illustrates the field performance reliability of this type of multiphase flowmeter. The overall reliability of such system is quantified. A discussion of the extension of this technology to higher gas volume fractions (85-100%) shows the potential and limitations to the application of wet gas metering. This is supported by results obtained in the field and in a flow loop.

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