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Title: Multiphase Flow Quantification Using Computational Fluid Dynamics And Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author: Susithra Lakshmanan Daniel Holland Andy Sederman Mikhail Gurevich Wes Maru
Source: 2015 North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: We investigated oil - water flow primarily with a vi ew to quantify the mixing efficiency of a newly developed device with a Liquid Jet In Cross Flow (LJICF) configuration but also to predict the resulting flow regime and water droplet size distribution . Such devices are utilised in important applications su ch as liquid sampling in custody transfer, where the degree of homogeneity of the mixture affects the accuracy of the representative sample withdrawn and hence the oil transaction between producers and operators as well as taxation by governments. Despite their importance however, liquid - liquid flows under LJICF configurations have not featured as prominently in the literature as those of gas - liquid flows , resulting in a significant knowledge gap that needs to be address

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