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Title: Direct Test Comparisons Of Ultrasonic And Different Ial Pressure Meter Responses To Wet Natural Gas Flow
Author: Richard Steven, Josh Kinney, Charlie Britton
Source: 2015 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: Wet natural gas flow metering is important to natur al gas producers. Whereas there are multiphase wet gas meter designs available, due to economic constraints the majority of wet natural gas flows world-wide are still metered by single phase gas flow meter technologies. Gas meter manufacturers have to varyi ng extents researched their respective meters wet gas performance, sometimes m ade limited modifications, and promoted the pros and played down the cons to their best advantage. Due to limited experience or education in this relatively new, spe cialised and complex subject of wet gas metering many operators find themselves largely reliant on the advice of flow meter salesmen

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