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Title: Live Versus Reference Fluids - The Calibration Debate
Author: Norman Glen Brendan Robson
Source: 2015 South East Asia Flow Measurement Conference
Year Published: 2015
Abstract: Proponents of the use of live fluids (i.e. natural gas, crude oil and brine) for calibrating flow meters argue that they are more re presentative of the conditions that meters will encounter in service. However, th e measurement of multiphase flow poses particular difficulties when calibrating and testing flow meters. This means that there is less confidence in the properti es of these fluids, ultimately resulting in higher uncertainty in the reference fl ow rate for a meter under test. Conversely, reference fluids are stable and predict able, thereby delivering consistent and reliable measurements, resulting in lower uncertainty in the reference measurements before the flow meter goes i nto the field. Once in the field, overall measurement uncertainties can be der ived using PVT data along with fluid sampling and physical properties modelling, a s well as testing against test separator systems

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