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Title: The Mcgaughy Integrator
Author: J. B. Mcgaughy
Source: 1929 Southwestern Gas Measurement Short Course (Now called ISHM)
Year Published: 1929
Abstract: The Integrator was designed to lacilitate the calculation ot the extension of gas orifice meter charts. 1 helieve we will pass lightly over the fundamental principles of extension calculations by stating that we all realize that certain theoretical discrepancies exist in the inspection and other present known methods of extension estimation. I wish to present in the Integrator a machine which calculates or integrates the value of the whole extension o the chart in strict accord with the true formula tor flow thru an orifice. By the inspection method we state that the extension equals the summation of the square roots of the products of average values of pressure and differential over certain finite time intervals, say fifteen minutes or one hour. This procedure, of course, would become theoretically correct as the finite tiine interval used approached 7-ero. However as such procedure would involve an infinite number of calculations, wc compromise practically by using the average for finite time intervals.

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