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Title: Development Of Mfc Calibrator With Sonic Venturi Nozzle
Author: Masao Hayakawa,Takeshi Yakuwa
Source: 2002 International Symposium on Fluid Flow Measurement
Year Published: 2002
Abstract: Thermal type Mass Flow Controllers (MFCs) are frequently used to measure or control small mass flow rate of gases in many fields, especially in the semiconductor field. However, the flow values measured or controlled by MFCs vary from device to device. The Hirai Company developed The MR100 series - mass flow meters which can calibrate an MFC directly, and are traceable to the National Standard. The MR100 series is composed of a sensor unit with an ISO- type sonic Venturi nozzle and a display unit. There are various kinds of sensor units for different kinds of gases or flow rates, and the sensor unit and display units can be interchanged freely. The MR100 series measures a mass flow with the expanded uncertainty (expanded factor: k2) of less than 0.3%. If these new MFC calibrators are introduced to the calibration facilities of MFC manufacturers, the reliability of the MFC calibration will be improved.

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